Harmony XL Pro

The award-winning Harmony XL Pro system was developed by Alma Lasers, a strong medical aesthetic technology brand. Alma holds a leading position in the medical aesthetic field with proven clinical achievements, an impeccable safety record and a firm commitment to the aesthetic care of all generations.

We’re excited to announce the launch of a new treatment in the clinic  – the Harmony XL Pro laser.

Designed to address and treat a number of skin concerns, the Harmony XL Pro provides fast, long lasting results which improve the appearance of your skin.

Which treatments will be available?

Bespoke combined treatments in the clinic use the Harmony XL Pro:

  1. Harmony Clearlift Laser – a revitalising skin firming procedure which boosts volume with little to no downtime.
  2. Harmony Clearskin Laser – suitable for all skin types, designed to treat acne and diminish the appearance of scars by stimulating collagen production.
  3. iPixel Laser Skin Resurfacing – a skin resurfacing laser treatment which stimulates new collagen and elastin production, improving the volume and texture of your skin and minimising the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles
  4. 1064nm/532nm Q switch laser Tattoo removal treating every colour with much less chance of scarring compared to other laser technologies.
  5. NIR – Skin remodelling & lifting 1300nm laser improving skin texture on face and neck!
  6. Dye-vl – 500-600nm with photo thermal technology treating vascular & pigmented lesions.
  7. SR 570/950nm – Skin rejuvenation hand piece. Targets skin pigmentation and advanced skin rejuvenation!
  8. Clear vein – long pulsed Nd-YAG 1064 nm. Amazing clearance for leg veins & stubborn facial veins.
  9. Nail fungal – Combining two laser technologies to deliver unbelievable results for unwanted nail concerns.

What are the benefits of the Harmony XL Pro?

There’s not much the Harmony XL Pro can’t treat when it comes to skin concerns! From fine lines and sun spots to uneven skin tone and dark circles, the laser treatment can improve them all.

The Harmony XL Pro can also treat skin laxity and puffiness, for a refreshed appearance.

All skin types and tones can benefit from the effects of the Harmony XL Pro, with customised solutions to treat the different skin requirements of all age groups from teens to older adults.

Is there any downtime following a Harmony XL Pro Treatment?

The Harmony XL Pro is renowned for its ‘lunch break procedures’, which are completed quickly with minimal downtime and side effects.